About Us

About Us

Who we are?

MAK IT Sp. z o.o. was established in 2018 as a special purpose organization of the MAK Group. From the beginning, our organization has focused on the development of IT systems to support comprehensive insurance programs for clients operating not only in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

The company has a team of experienced architects and programmers who combine high technical skills with extensive knowledge of insurance and has experience of over 15 years of implementing large and complex IT systems for the insurance industry. Using our competencies and experience of the team, we want to offer you modern IT solutions.

From the initial date of the establishment, we have increased our team from 5 to 30 people. Our goal is to reach 100 employees by the end of 2025.

The main area of MAK IT’s activity is the development IT systems on the order and the implementation of the integrated, comprehensive solutions and their adaptation to the customers needs.

MAK IT obtained the status of Microsoft Silver Partner in the field of Application Development and Application Integration in 2019, confirming the highest technical qualifications of the employed engineers. With this, MAK IT has become one of the Polish companies that can professionally implement all Cloud solutions offered by Microsoft. We also have extensive technical knowledge in the field of building and managing Cloud Native applications.

MAK IT also has a partnership agreement with Veracode, a leading leader in application verification in terms of security and application source code audit.

MAK IT as one of the leading SaaS Insurance Companies offers wide range of professional IT Products and Services.

MAK IT – the best choice among SaaS Insurance Companies!





What We Do

Wide range of quality IT Services


Software Development

We create dedicated web applications using safe, stable and scalable technologies.


We use the best DevOps practices, e.g. Microservices, CI/CD, Monitoring & Logging.

Cloud Services

We migrate our clients to the Azure Cloud, ensuring high standards & reducing costs.

System Integration

We integrate IT systems that increase business potential of the cooperating companies.

Power BI

Our Power BI professionals creating and developing customized BI solutions.

Office 365

We help IT teams in designing solutions and implementing Microsoft Office 365 Tools.


As experienced experts, we offer implementations of all popular virtualization systems.

Challenges are just hidden opportunities. Take the challenge!

What We Have Done

MAK IT Case Studies


Agencja Konsultant

MAK IT has implemented for Agencja Konsultant the InSure system. Our client conducts registration and settlement of policies for Leasing clients and dealer networks in the multifunctional InSure application.

MAK Ubezpieczenia

MAK IT, based on the InSure platform, has prepared and implemented the eVida platform for MAK Ubezpieczenia, which allows the policyholders to submit the electronic life insurance declarations.

Mój Serwis Likwidacyjny

MAK IT has implemented and launched a platform for managing the loss adjustment process for two large leasing companies and fleet companies, as part of a project carried out for Mój Serwis Likwidacyjny.

Wiener TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group

MAK IT has provided, implemented and currently maintains an highly innovative IT system to support the process of selling financial guarantee contracts for Wiener, part of the Vienna Insurance Group.


Our Approach

We believe we are the best in the industry and we don’t exaggerate. Our main focus is always quality and customer satisfaction, and we always devote ourselves to delivering an authentic or unique software solution

Every IT solution requires a collective approach and we accommodate this by ensuring that the final results are up to the customer satisfaction level.

The team achieves the best results in the right and friendly environment and our organization culture is the key to maintaining everlasting cooperation and achieving amazing results.


Open Culture

Who we are defines what we do and we achieve this by being determined, admiring, and progressive. We do what is right for our employees as well as for our clients. Our company provides an open environment for discussing the ideas of every employee which confirms that we listen to our employees. Our culture focuses on independence and openness, being the right place for employees working independently as well as coordinated teams.

Our Mission

To understand the needs of the insurance industry and provide possible and pragmatic IT solutions.

Our Vision

To digitize and revolutionize IT within the insurance industry and deliver the products and services with top quality using the most reliable technologies and ensure continuous growth for clients and employees.

Our Values

The core company values of MAK IT:
  • We are open to new ideas.
  • We exhibit free communication across the company.
  • Strive to discover better solutions through collaboration.
  • By being passionate, we strive for excellence.