Power BI

Power BI

Data analysis has never been so simple and intuitive. Meet Power BI – a revolutionary tool thanks to which the data in the company has been able to reach a new level. Bring it to your business using our Power BI Services!

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, and with years of expertise, our Power BI professionals shine at creating and developing customized BI solutions for your company for storing the data, processing, and analysis.

Data visualization not only helps you turn all raw sets of data into easily understood but also visually spellbinding and useful. By allowing you to connect to multiple external data sources, Power BI let you understand your data with the help of KPIs more clearly, they also unify data and apply AI-driven analytics to show you the correlation between your KPIs and the current market trend.

How to make the most of Power BI?

What makes Power BI a powerful visualization tool for sharing and communicating information is it allows you to see the story within the numbers. Power BI or Data visualization, in general, can be used for exhibiting performance, reporting trends, concerning the influence of new strategies, indicating relationships, and more. These representations can be powerful tools for communication and collaboration, bringing greater value to reports, journalism, apps, or any context where sharing information is required.

Our Power BI Services

At MAK IT Sp. z o.o. we offer a wide range of Power BI services including, but not limited to:

Review and make recommendations for your existing BI environment for enhancements that are unique to your firm. However, If you haven’t initiated your BI journey, we also help you in assessing your readiness and make a customized plan to take it further.

Our distinguished team creates, designs, and builds reports, by gathering the data virtually from any source i.e., Excel, Database, flat files JSON, XML, etc. This allows you to gain new insights through effective visualizations and data storytelling.

Our expertise in Data Visualization using Power BI can help you in managing all your organization’s BI needs. From day-to-day reporting to full analytics, we create a customized solution that suits your needs perfectly.