Software Development

Dedicated web applications

We create dedicated web applications using safe, stable and scalable technologies. We design from solution architecture to user interactions. We have a qualified team with the necessary competences to build complex applications, from analysts, the project manager, architects, programmers, UX designers, to testers. The more custom the project is, the more excited our entire team is.

We provide software that has real influence in the insurance industry and on our customers’ business. We achieve this with a team of specialists with a broad skill set and the necessary experience in application development along with the use of advanced tools that are key to reaching your business goals.

Custom-built solutions

Analyzing the clients’ problems or requirements is the first step in creating/developing the custom-built software solution. With a team of experienced business analysts, we learn the needs or requirements of the clients by working through the pre-planning stage.

By agreeing with the scope of functionalities, we start working our way through UI/UX design. After that, we build the software and test the solutions with the dedicated teams and carry out the implementation all while keeping the client in the loop. Of course, we do not stop there, as we also offer post-implementation support.

We support, maintain, and improve business applications. We always ensure that the application operates smoothly and is fault-free. If there is a malfunction we locate the problem quickly and eliminate it. We work to refine the application while simultaneously maintaining a high level of functionality.

How do we work?

This is the most used methodology in the IT industry which ensures the timely delivery of the project.

It is based on providing the solutions in small iterations called sprints which makes it possible to implement at all stages of production and ensures that the errors are identified quickly and the product is delivered in a timely fashion.

Technological capabilities

We use the most recent and advanced technologies and tools in developing IT solutions for our clients. We keep an eye on the new developments in our fields and broaden our skills base and follow best practices. This allows us to provide top-quality solutions that comply with the current market trend and meet the requirements of users and guarantee security.